Starts of September

 What is the best way to start off the month of September? When I think of September , my thoughts are pumpkin spice and autumn.  The love of the golden rod blossoming and making my eyes itch and coping with it’s pollen .

A lot of things happened between June and to September , it seems like it is a blink and you are in a new month.  The remaining months I have been busy and working in direct sales and loving being a part of a awesome company that has some serious bumps in the road.  It seems when I think I am getting ahead and reaching my goals , it seems always something stops the growth and I do not reach it.

I have been working at my new direct sales and been trying to reach my goals for two months solid  and with having no supply means no sales. I am a goal driven person but when customer service is a last thing that a company wants to focus on , usually means a fall is coming.

I have been a freelance paralegal and always when I worked for my client(s) or customer , I always strive to gave the best customer service and try to make the customer understand the reason why the company is not shipping or why the there is a delay but most have trouble understanding .

Hoping this month of September will be better for me and wish all the great success.


Woman Down

You have heard the term Man Down! , correct? Well that was my term , Woman Down! All this  week  has been extra hard on my body and going through a week of hell of muscle and body cramps.

The body cramps took so much out of me that I had to rely on pain reliever to get me through the worst. Then I realized that the medicine I was on was killing me slowly. The reason that I stop taking a medicine that the doctor gave me  was because all the problems I was having was being medicated for an illness my body does not have.

When I was child , some of the earliest memories are sad and vivid because I was victim of child being over medicated and the sad side is my mother was the one whom let this happen to me  . It started when I was born been given steroids and shots telling my parents that it will strength my bones and help with the seizures to be lessen. I remember seeing photos of me being obese infant that looked like a balloon because of the cortisone shots when I was year old. They so claimed the  treatments were not working , so I was transferred to the Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati in Ohio.

Being 2 and half years old and being at Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati in Ohio, the doctor demand my mother to institutionalize me for I was  beyond the capability of understanding what is reality from fantasy. The doctor told my mother ,if he does not treat me that I will died indefinitely if this medication was not given to me. When given Dialitin I  almost died immediately upon them giving it to me and had a severity allergic reaction of that being given.

In Christmas  1979,  remembering having the Chicken Pox and being in my PJs is not the best of memories.  That is when I was on two medications being combined spells out , Death sentence by slowing the brain activity to almost zero. Later on when I talked to Neurologist , he stated to me that it was controlling me in sedated state and walking zombie with slow functions.

The amazing thing was when I was 16 years old and I was starting to wean myself off the medication causing those effects. About the same time I found out I was pregnant with my daughter and found out  without the medication I was thinking more clearly and being adventurous in desiring to do things and take a leap of faith.

Up to the current status , in 2008 I believe I was misdiagnosed with a false-positive test for HIV. Number one with the medication I have been exposed to previous  had created more aliments along the way. That year I found out I was pregnant with my son and with my medical history I was born with low immune system with auto-immune disorders. Like Anemia and TS , which is a sister illness to Lupus but different strand that is not harmful. I had so many markers of vaccinations,being Anemic, sinus infections, and allergies.  I was told normal life span for someone who has HIV with retrovtral medication is 4-6 years of life but it has been over 10 years . Guess what I am still alive and well, my doctor is refusing to retest me or give me ANA test to show that the past results of positive is due to my TS and being Anemic. Please note they took my blood in 2008  why I was sick with sinus infection and not wait 2 weeks .

The withdrawals are hard on the body after the affects it created in destroying me.



What A Tuesday?

Sitting here and thinking what all has happened and not happened on Tuesday. I know it sounds weird but alot of things have had happen since last post . Having boredom strike and wondering what to do with my time.

I have done everything that I can do for looking for jobs and putting in application , with hopes of employment and to make money so we can get groceries.  No phone calls for interview or reject letter stating ” thank you for you time but the position has been filled” reply. It seems me being in college is a problem with some employers and they want the dashing and wonderful 19 year old instead of a person who has merit with experience of retail and sales background.

Waiting on that to happen the weirdest and oddest thing happened ,has many times I went on the college website for Kaplan University . I am usually greeted by Student block on my school account and not being able to access past course or to see my final grade. Well, last Tuesday I thought something was wrong when I did not see the student block popping. I remember the Student’s account officer telling me  after 80% is paid of the remaining balance that the block will be taken off.

In being baffled and confused on how that happened is beyond me, so what happened was a miracle . Because I set up a Go Fund me page to raise the funds for me balance and it states past due balance is zero.

Mentally I feel exhausted because of this and other things that has been going on lately. My Younique business is at a stand still because my funds are short and I am not getting customers ordering nor wanting to have FB parties. I feel like I am letting my teammates down because of this and not growing my team or business.

Thoughts On Wednesday

Writing down my thoughts for the day and thinking about the current events that has been happening in the news and locally.  Thinking about how people perceive the truth and the myths behind them.

It is hard to believe there are some evil and wrongdoing people in the world that likes to make it hard on the neighbors and other people as well. Nothing like having neighbors that  are rude and like to run people’s lives in what they need to do with one deed and to the next. Just like what happened a couple days ago, my mother-in-law owns the property that the house we live in and she wrote a note by stating legal action. I was thinking today why did she have to use such harsh and brash tone in the note to let the neighbor’s know they friend’s drove onto the our property and driveway. In my belief that does not solve problems but to create other problems and issues with them .

This makes me think about what is happening currently in Washington D.C.  with all the bullying and threatening to get things done and does that sound familiar . Sometimes we all need a time out and think is this a right course of action or are we reliving our childish behavior in Elementary School by being bullies . This day and age I believe that the adults have become the children and the children have become the adults . The adults today act more of being 4 years old and demanding to get their way. When the children have become more responsible for their parent’s actions.

The sad side is that a five year old shows more respect and maturity than 76 year old adult does. The older person, sees the world has their toy and they do not want to share or take responsibilities for the global warming or climate change . A child would pick up the trash and recycle it then they take the responsibilities on themselves and their generation to reverse the damage or save the Earth themselves.

From religious texts and scriptures , did they state over and over again , to have a heart and understanding like a child . Why have we strayed away from learning from our children of the world. For we let them to be our teacher and we to be their students.

My thoughts for the day and stay tune for more shared thoughts of mine. Blessed Be!

What Is Motivation Monday?

What comes to mind when you hear Monday , probably Motivation Monday correct? You look and see what other people have to say or write a quote to start your day on Monday.  You ask yourself that question on multiple days and it’s of course a Monday.

Do you sit and think what those words and phrases mean on Motivation Mondays or do wait till Wisdom Wednesday to seek the wisdom to get through the week. It is mystery why we rely on such things of words , phrases , and sentences from others to carry us through to the next week,month, or even a year

The question lays in us why we hunger and  thirst for such knowledge of wisdom and words from Gandhi ,Mandela,Mother Theresa of Calcutta, Rumi, and Confucius to name a few   . Their words with meaning helps us to see the real world and society globally.

Why do we depend on Motivation Mondays ? The answer is simple and short because we all need guidance in parables and proverbs to help us. When we seek guidance , we are wanting to know the proper ethic and moral views to  make us stronger in out faith and  strength to be strong as one. Words can inspire and motivate kindness and love to protect us all , no matter the country, belief , and your political. We are one and let it motivate us all on Monday.